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Can my spouse work if I have a Canadian work permit?

If you and your spouse are living in or heading to Canada, you may be wondering what the situation is concerning work. Indeed, you may have already received a Canadian work permit, but are unsure as to whether that means your spouse (or common-law spouse) will be able to work too? The good news is that Canada has a specific provision for this situation and it’s called a spousal open work permit. Read on to find out more about the spousal open work permit, below. 

What is the spousal open work permit?

The spousal open work permit allows foreign nationals to work for any employer, even as they wait for their immigration application to be granted. 

Why does Canada offer the spousal open work permit?

Aside from the many economic benefits that the spousal open work permit provides, Canada also prioritizes family unity and cultural engagement for foreign nationals on their soil. One of the big benefits of this is that they do a great deal to keep families together, which includes allowing spouses to work as their immigration application is processed, as well as offering school places for dependent children. 

Do you qualify as a spousal open work permit candidate?

To qualify as a candidate for the spousal open work permit, there are several criteria that you must meet. The first is that your spouse meets the work/education criteria. This means that they must either work in a job that meets National Occupation Classifications 0, A or B or be in a temporary job in Canada that is set to run for over 6 months.  

If your spouse is not working, they must be a student at a level above post-secondary, for you to apply for a spousal open work permit. 

You will also need to be able to present a copy of the permit your spouse has that proves they can legally work in Canada. Additionally, a letter of employment or a note from your spouse’s employer confirming their job title will be needed, along with a copy of your spouse’s latest payslips going back 3-4 months. 

Things you need to apply for a spousal open work permit

If you meet the criteria above, then you will need to complete some additional tasks to successfully make your spousal open work permit application. 

The first of these is to get a medical report stating that you are healthy. You will also need a police clearance certificate, and you will be asked to sign a statement promising to keep to Canadian laws. 

Concerning financial documents, you will need to show that you have enough funds to cover your expenses throughout your stay in Canada. 

Lastly, you must also make a site that provides copies of any documents that immigrants request through the process. It’s also vital that you say when asked that you will leave Canada once your work permit is no longer valid. 

How long will you be spousal open work permit last?

Your spousal open work permit is dependent on your spouse’s ability to work. This means that your it will run out at the same time that your spouse does, and you will no longer be able to work beyond this point. 

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