Parent & Grandparent Sponsorship Canada

Parent & Grandparent sponsorship

The PGP (Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program) allows eligible Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents to apply for the sponsorship of parents and grandparents so that they can become Permanent Residents in Canada. You can only apply for PGP if you have already received an invitation to apply from IRCC.

Only a limited number of applications are accepted under this program every year depending on the yearly quota set by the government of Canada. The intake process for this program depends on the instructions given by the IRCC

The sponsor has to prove that they have the required income for the last 3 consecutive years in Canada depending on the family size and should continue earning the increased amount of income until the decision is made. The spouse/ common-law partner can co-sign the sponsorship application, provided they meet the same eligibility requirements as the sponsor and agree to a 20-year sponsorship undertaking. The siblings (brother/sister) can’t co-sign the application.

parents & grandparent

The income required to sponsor parents and grandparents can be checked at the following link:

The requirements for an eligible sponsor are the same as set in the sponsorship application such as:

1.) Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident

2.) At least 18 years of age

3.) Resides in Canada.

4.) Intends to fulfill the obligations or undertaking for a period of 20 years

5.)  Is not subject to a removal order

6.)  Is not detained, or in prison

7.) No conviction of an offense:

– sexual nature

– use of violence against anyone

8.) Is not in default of an undertaking or support obligations ordered by a court (e.g. child, spousal support)

9.)  Is not in default of a debt owed under IRPA

10.)  Is not an undischarged bankrupt

11.) Is not in receipt of social assistance (e.g. welfare) *

* Exception: Disability payments, EI payments are Ok.

If you are looking to sponsor your parents, and need assistance in filing the PR application, you can Contact Us.