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What are 7 Programs to Migrate to Canada?

Last Updated March 28, 2022

For people looking to set up a home in a new country in 2022, Canada is one of the more popular destinations. A country with a positive attitude toward new arrivals among the public and at the governmental level, it’s no big surprise that potential migrants look at Canada in an equally positive light. However, while the criteria for immigration are generally more relaxed than you’ll find in most countries, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be accepted, nor does it make the process an easy one. If you’re keen on making a new life here, you may be best looking into a program that makes it more straightforward. The following are a few examples.

Express Entry

Not everybody who migrates to Canada will qualify for the Express Entry program, but for those who do it is a relatively relaxed process. The system is points-based, and for skilled workers with a decent level of educational attainment and good language skills, it’s a very inclusive process. You can apply for Express Entry from outside Canada – and if you can point to an existing job offer or a relative who already lives there, then it will smooth your path.

Provincial Nominee Programs

This year, as many as 80,000+ of the 430,000 new immigrants welcomed to Canada will do so as Provincial Nominee. Canada’s 10 provinces (and three territories) all have multiple programs that allow people to apply to move there. These programs may be based on a familial connection with the province, or depend on your ability to fit a gap in its internal labour market. During the pandemic period, numerous health professionals were welcomed to various provinces to assist with the increased healthcare need.

Business Programs

People who do not have a job offer lined up, or are not considered for Express Entry on the basis of their skilled occupation, may be able to qualify under one of the many programs for entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals. Some of the above Provincial Nominee Programs will fall under this umbrella. The path will be considerably smoother if you can demonstrate a significant level of funding for a business you plan to start in your new home country, although self-employment will often be positively viewed if you can demonstrate the ability to support yourself financially.

Family Sponsorship

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, and even parents/grandparents to become a Permanent Resident of Canada if eligibility requirements are met. Sponsors in Canada need to financially take care of the person for a certain period of time when filing sponsorship applications. The process of applying through a family sponsorship can be long-winded – for example, a spouse sponsoring their partner can take up to or over a year.

Study Permits

International students can begin the process of immigration by applying for a Study Permit. As long as you can satisfy the authorities that you have been offered a place on a program of study, and have a clean criminal record and good health, you’ll be able to get permission to remain for the duration of your study. While it is expected that students will leave Canada when they graduate, you can apply to remain further under a…

Post-Graduation Work Permit

Once you have graduated – and attained credentials that will make you a strong candidate for skilled employment – you can apply for a post-grad work permit. These are usually offered for a period as long as the course of study you undertook in Canada, and while in the country on this permit you can apply for permanent residence – an application that will be looked on generously given your Canadian educational and employment record.

Work Permit

Spouses of international students or high-skilled workers can get an open work permit and they can migrate to Canada as a worker. In many cases, an employer-specific work permit can be applied which can be LMIA based or LMIA Exempt also.

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