Express Entry Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canadian Experience Class falls under the Economic Immigration category which is designed to bring Immigrants to Canada who can establish themself economically in Canada.


Minimum eligibility requirements for CEC are:

1.) Minimum of 1 year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada is required :

Skill Level 0, A or B work experience IN CANADA that is:

  • Within the last 3 years before the application submitted
  • NOT self-employed or NOT while studying IN Canada
  • Full time = 30 hours per week or an equal amount in part-time work
  • Authorized work – valid work permit or authorized to work without a permit under R186

It must be paid work. If an applicant is working on an LMIA based work permit, must be receiving a salary at the same wage or above as stated in the LMIA

2.) Language Test Results within the last 2 years:

NOC 0 & A occupations require:

  • Minimum CLB level 7 in each ability

NOC B occupations require:

  • Minimum CLB level 5 in each ability

3.) Must have gained the work experience on a valid work permit or if the applicant doesn’t need a work permit, it must qualify under R186.

So, if you’re a refugee claimant in Canada or you have gained skilled work experience while working without authorization in Canada, so are ineligible under CEC.

4.) Doesn’t intend to settle in Quebec.

The Canadian Experience Class offers students with Canadian work experience the fastest and simplest path to achieving permanent residence. Once the student has completed their study in Canada and has gained the minimum required skilled work experience in Canada on a Post-Graduation work permit (PGWP), they may be eligible to apply for PR, once they have successfully received an ITA.

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