Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

The Federal Skilled Worker Class also falls under the Economic Immigration category which is designed to bring Immigrants to Canada who can establish themself economically in Canada. Skilled Workers in Canada, or overseas mostly qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker class.

Federal Skilled Worker

The minimum eligibility requirements for this program are:

1.) Work experience :

Within the last 10 years, an applicant must have 1 year, continuous, full-time, paid work experience in one occupation that is a skill level 0, A or B occupation in the NOC, or the equivalent amount in part-time work. Part-time work must still be continuous, paid work in ONE occupation that is Skill level 0, A or B.

The work experience can be in Canada or Overseas.

2.) Language Exam:

The applicant must complete language testing in either English or French by an approved provider, and the exam results must be less than 2 years old. The applicant must obtain in each ability equivalent to level 7 in the Canadian Language Benchmark.

3.) Education:

The applicant must have completed either secondary or post-secondary education in Canada OR, if they completed their education outside of Canada, they must obtain an Educational Credential Assessment report from an approved provider

4.) Settlement funds:

The applicant must have settlement funds available depending upon the family size to support themself and their family in Canada after landing

5.) Selection Factor Score:

The applicant must also score a minimum of 67 points under the following IRCC selection factors in order to be eligible to apply. This is an ELIGIBILITY score, NOT a ranking score like Express Entry. The points are allocated as follows in SIX Selection Factors:


If you meet all the above 5 requirements and plan to live outside Quebec, you may be eligible to apply for PR under Federal Skilled Worker Program once you receive an ITA. If you want to get your file assessment done, you can Contact Us.