Applying for Canadian Citizenship Online



More than 86% of Canadian permanent residents apply for citizenship when they become eligible. As a Canadian Citizen, you get the right to vote, and Canada permits dual citizenship. Canada enjoys an excellent global reputation.

The minimum requirements to apply for Canadian Citizenships are:

1.) Min. 18 years of age

2.) Permanent residents of Canada

3.) Physically Present in Canada for 3 years out of 5 years prior to the date of application.

4.) Meet income tax filing obligations for each of 3 years

5.) May count time as a Temporary Resident (each day as 1⁄2 day up to 1 year maximum)

6.) Language Requirements (18 – 54 years old). The language exam results may be accepted for the Citizenship Application, even though they might be expired.

7.) Not under a removal order or other prohibitions under the Citizenship Act. So, a person should not be in jail, or on parole in Canada, or serving a sentence outside Canada, or have their previous citizenship application refused due to misrepresentation.

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